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Rail Electric Utility Vehicles

Motorised Electric Trolleys, Platforms and Trailers

Designed and Manufactured for the Rail Industry and Emergency Responders

Rail Utility Vehicles

Track Geometry Solutions

Track Geometry Equipment and Surveying Services

Push Geometry Trolleys, Towed Geometry Trailers

Utilising the Latest Sensors and Laser Technology

Track Geometry

Bespoke Product Design and Fabrication

Design, Fabrication and Manufactured to Customer Specifications

Metal Fabrication Service

Ride Comfort Monitoring

The MacMinder system provides unattended monitoring of vehicle ride performance and track conditions.

During journey's the data collected by the Macminder can potentially assist in the identification of emerging track or vehicle issues, assisting staff to prioritise areas of concern.


Specialist Build Rail Utility Vehicles

Donfabs & Consillia are well known for working with customers designing and building vehicles to meet specific requirements.


Rail Utility Trolleys

Push Trolleys, Rail Skates, Unpowered Trailers, Lighting Trolleys

Rail Utility

Emergency Response Equipment

Our range of portable casualty recovery, scene lighting and motorised rail vehicles, reduces the risk of injury to first responders.


Specialist PWay & Track Parameter Equipment

Fabrication, Railway Maintenance & Track Geometry Equipment Manufacturer

Donfabs & Consillia are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of rail products worldwide. We provide experience based, professional and innovative solutions to customer specific requirements in the measurement of railway track parameters, infrastructure and ride performance areas. This is complemented by the Company’s range of rail utility and emergency rescue vehicles.

Donfabs & Consillia designers, metalworkers and engineers have decades of experience in delivery of quality products and understand the requirements of the rail industry and emergency services. We welcome opportunities to respond to tenders, we work with our customers to ensure that the solutions provided, meet specifications, are cost effective, include state of the art technology, whilst meeting the stringent safety standards required on today’s railway networks.

  • Motorised Rail Trolleys
  • Motorised Electric Rail Carts
  • Emergency Service Rescue Equipment
  • Track Geometry Trolleys
  • Track Geometry Surveying Service
  • Conductor Rail Wear
  • Push Rail Trolleys
  • Ride Comfort Monitoring
  • VisiRail Software
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Secure Storage Solutions
  • Lineside Cabinets
  • Racking and Storage Solutions
  • Wash Tanks
  • Bespoke products to meet customer needs and expectations