MFT - Multi Functional Trolley

The MFT - Multi Functional Trolley has been designed to provide a small, compact folding unit, with a *150kg carrying capacity that can be disassembled and carried in the boot/trunk of a car. Originally developed in response to a request from front-line emergency service responders, the Multi Functional Trolley has proven pedigree in both casualty recovery and safe deployment of equipment on lines of railway.

The MFT is made up of four components, 2 tray halves and 2 wheel sets. When stored the unit is self-contained and easily moved around. The trolley has a fail-safe braking system, which means that if the operator lets go or trips, the lever is released and the brakes applied. Additionally, the wheel sets can be removed from the main carrying tray and the main section carried like a stretcher.


  • Small and lightweight - packs away to half size with all components stored inside
  • 1 or 2-person lift with one person operating the fail-safe braking system
  • Stretcher mode
  • 150kg carrying capacity (*Variable subject to gauge).
  • The picture shows operation mode, but the unit splits for easy transportation and storage
  • Carrying bag for easy portability
  • Optional I.V stand

MFT Data Sheet