Macminder - Ride Comfort Monitoring

The Macminder system is an unattended method of monitoring vehicle ride performance and track conditions on-board in-service trains eliminating the need for track possession.

Designed to operate on a stand-alone basis, several Macminders can be placed in different vehicles recording ride comfort simultaneously, enabling comparisons of multiple journeys or vehicles.


  • Vertical, Lateral and Longitudinal Measurements
  • GPS, Tacho, Speed and Distance
  • Exceedance Logging
  • Complies with ISO2631 Draft 5
  • Self Contained
  • Battery Powered
  • Small and Rugged
  • Easy to Use
  • Connects to VisiRAIL

Macminder Data Sheet

The Macminder is also available with an optional protective housing, which provides more security and protection in vulnerable locations.