VisiRail v2.0 - Ride Comfort Software

VisiRAIL v2.0

Donfab & Consillias VisiRAIL version 2.0 software is designed specifically to operate with the Macminder Ride Comfort System. Basic functionality includes setup and control of the hardware, downloading of stored journey data and allows interpretation of the data acquired from the logger.

Data captured during the journey is stored in a dedicated database structure and accessed through an easy to use tree menu showing all available data. Using simple drag & drop users can compare different sets of data, switch from time to distance mode, generate statistical information and create useful annotation overlays to ease analysis. Altogether the software provides a unique journey view showing ride comfort, speed, distance and events. Frequent use of the Macminder with VisiRAIL provides consistent data detailing current status, parameter screening and predictive maintenance.

VisiRAIL v2.0 Data Sheet

VisiRail Sample Images:

Main Screen

Edit Annotation File

Edit Header Information

Annotation View

Annotation Example

Tacho Import Screen

Mile post Entry

Mile post Example

ISO Histogram 2D

ISO Histogram 3D

ISO Histogram 3D Cluster